Friday, February 18, 2011

What do you think this is, a democracy?

You don't get no stinkin' vote.

What are we having for dinner- no vote.

What are your chores for the week- no vote.

What is going to be on the car radio- who am I kidding, I totally let you pick that.

But what shirt I am going to wear while driving the car?- no vote.

What brand of yogurt I am going to buy?  it's all in the coupons darling- no vote.

What's that?  You don't want milk with your lunch?  Sorry- no vote.

You don't feel like brushing your teeth?  NO VOTE.

You guys get to bust out with fevers on a whim, wake up puking ever so rudely in the middle of the night and drag home heads full of crazy little critters.  And on all of these issues I get absolutely no vote.

As to how I am going to function and run our home, the same is true for you.  No.Vote.

Now go and hang your coat up and put your shoes on the tray.  Cause that's how it is. 

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Halala Mama said...

Last year, my students (lovingly) referred to me a the beginning of the year they compared my classroom to the democracy we were studying. I laughed in their faces. They called me czar. Good times... :)