Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's been a great season

This week wraps up our basketball season.  Next year will include all three children- Sam can hardly wait.
I can hardly imagine.

Anywho- I have learned a lot this year from this large orange ball and my family.  The girls love it.  Sam loves running around the walking track with his 'friends'. And Dan and I love it.  We all have our reasons- my main one is that it is an indoor sport.  But the biggest thing I've learned is that men and woman do children's sports differently.  Completely.

At most of emily's games there have been tears.  And a few of Allysons.  Not enough turns with the ball, getting called for a foul, not getting to bring the ball up when they wanted, shooting at the wrong goal, falling on that horrible hard floor, taking a basketball right between the eyes (poor emily- it even bent her glasses). There have been many tears. (more at emily's games- just for clarification)

The clock does not stop.  The game does not stop.  The ref doesn't stop.  No one stops.  Women fight the urge to run onto the court, hoist their baby onto their hips and pat their little backs.  Men scream 'dry it up', 'keep going', 'you're fine', 'hustle up'.  And then those little tearful girls do just that.  And they really are fine.

As I watch one of my children play- my brain is filled with overwhelmed feelings of their current life state, how big they are, how blessed I am to be their parent, how I love their piggy tails, how curvy their small baby bodies are becoming, how their chubby little elbows have dimples, how very tall and beautiful they are becoming, how much I love them..................and then I get snapped back to reality by their father who, out of no freakin' where, screams "GET YOUR D ON" or "MAKE A LANE".  Not even at our children.  He is watching the actual game.

At the end of the game Dan knows the score.  I typically do not.

During the game I know exactly where Sam is. Dan typically does not.

When one of my children is sitting out for a period- I stop watching the game.  Dan definitely does not.  He is still screaming strange things over the railing.  The whole time.  The strangest thing I screamed over the railing the entire season?????  'Ally- put your hair up.'

What? She looked hot.

See.  Mothers watch their children.  Fathers watch the game.

That is why most of the coaches are men.  Because women coaches would spend their time fixing the girls hair while packing them around on their hips and doling out Kleenex and bandaids.


Ronda said...

Yet more proof I am wired like a guy.

Sharon said...

Good morning again, my darling daughter:) Mom here -- had to run back and check out the Blog and found out I couldn't remember what you wrote yesterday because I hadn't read it yet.....soo, no excuse for me but oh Honey do I need to begin to worry about you???LOL

Love you........Mom

Sharon said...

Okay, I just went back in and looked for mis-spelled words. And tho I did find one (two 's's in the word assign and yours was spelled with only one:) now I can't remember where I found it -- ohh, this is going to be one of those oxygen-deprived days I can tell. So, my apologies but I swear they were coming at me hot and heavy for a while so you must be getting sharper (maybe it's Ali's homework:)

Love you.......Mom