Thursday, February 10, 2011

May the force be with you

So, the day we've all been waiting for.  Somehow I think Ally has been counting down the days with anticipation, I've been dreading it my whole life.  Both anxious- for total opposite reasons.

Sex Ed Film Day.

The film is called something about Growing Up and last night was the parents preview.  Dozens of us anxious parents gathered in the media center, preparing our hearts for what was about to transpire.  There was no mention of the stork, no mention of God, no mention of 'don't do it or your teeth will fall out'.  Apparently 'values' fall under the parents responsibilities.  They were there to show them what was going on in those rapidly growing, hormone infested bodies and what would be the eventual outcome.

They discuss the girls monthly visitors, how to use items needed to deal with that guest, what happens during ovulation, what boys bodies are doing, why girls are taller than boys and they show a pregnant woman.  There was even a little cartoon time where 'if one sperm joins with one egg a baby begins to grow'.  Which means we are all safe, as long as no one asks how they meet.

No such luck.  They talk about sex, what it is, and they do preach abstinence to keep yourself safe and healthy.  I guess it's up to me to discuss the teeth falling out thing.

I found it interesting that they said the more often you disuss this 'sex' topic with young children, and include your personal families values in that discussion, the more likely it is to stick.  Which means that the one time I had this very serious discussion with ally (the one where my heart was beating 3000 beats a minute and I thought I was gonna die) and made sure she was looking in my eyes and we both were a little embarrassed was not enough.  I need to find a way to not sweat everytime I think of talking with her about this.

I can do this.  I signed up on the parenting volunteer board and God trusted me with three of them.  Now, I just hope I don't completely screw it up.

P.S.- Dan ( I know you are out there)- you get to take care of Sam and whatever issues his boy parts need- got it?  But be sure to talk about his teeth falling out- and going blind.

After the meeting was over, I felt this huge urge to huddle with the other parents and put our hands in while chanting 'go team!'  Instead I just found another couple who share similar values to us and asked when they were going to have their 'talk' so I could send ally over.

I swear I can't handle this.

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