Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Table- November 2031

Fast forward 20 years.  Picture my three children and their respective spouses and children running amok on Thanksgiving Day.

Sam- Remember that one year we got all that ice?

Emily- Oh yeah- I remember that- it was awesome.

Allyson- They even called the night before to cancel school- it was so cool.

Emily- Remember how mom kept making those adult vitamin drinks that smelled like rubbing alcohol?

Sam- Yeah- the ones with the fancy umbrellas and the sugar rims? And she drank like 18 of them- she wanted to keep her immunity up I guess.

Allyson- It was so much fun, arguing over the tv and the remote control- just constant whining and bickering.  We even kept hitting each other and threatening each other- 'member that?  I'm not sure why but mom all at once got so dag gone angry.  She got to screaming and her face turned beat red, I thought she was gonna blow her stack- remember that?

Sam- And Emily, you kept asking every 20 minutes if we could go somewhere, the museum, the store, the library- you finally drove mom to tears.  Ha!  That was so funny.

Allyson- Yep- she just kept crying and rocking and crying and rocking.  And I took your nerf dart gun and you started screaming and we were running- but mom just kept rocking and crying.  Good times, good times.

Emily- But then, after she filled the bathtub with water in case the power went out, she started chasing you guys around saying she was gonna drown you.  Remember that.  Man- who knew she could run that fast.

Sam- Yeah- until we ran out the front door and she hit the ice.  She didn't stand a chance then.

Emily- Not much of a skater, that mom. 

Allyson- She finally lost her breath and her balance and collapsed in the front yard- waving her fists and screaming profanities about what she was gonna do to us if she caught us- the neighbors even came out to see what all the fuss was.

Sam- She dug her phone out of her pocket and called the superintendent right there on the frozen lawn.  She was telling him she would personally drive all of the children to school if they would just open them up.  Remember that?  What a hoot.  Then she started yelling at him when he said no- something about tax money and laws and their duties.  Ahhhh- she was such a cut up.

Emily- Till dad drug her back across the icy yard that is- and fixed her another vitamin drink.  Glad she never did catch me though- that's for sure.  I'm not sure if she would have made right on that promise to pop my head clean off my shoulders. Wonder what she meant by that anyway?

Sam- After that she just kept mumbling 'days on end, trapped in the house, fear of no electricity, screaming children'.  She sure knew how to make a snow day fun.

Allyson- Sometime that evening she went to a neighbors house to borrow a cup of anything she kept saying and didn't come back home for days.  Remember that?  And Dad fixed us mountain dew and cherrios for dinner.  Wonder where she went and what she was doing?

Emily- I propose a toast- To mom and her fabulous entertainment on all those snow days!

Sam and Allyson- Here Here

*tink* *tink* *tink*- the sound of each of the kids clinking their glass on the pretty silver buckles on their mothers fancy white coat.

Sam- Hey ally- grab a napkin and wipe moms mouth- she's drooling again. 


Ronda said...

See you in the spring thaw.

Mary said...

good stuff mynde!