Monday, February 21, 2011

I got my eye on you

Tuesday one of the little girls from down the street came to our front door with a giant gift bag covered in pink and red hearts.  Inside were two handmade valentines- one for emily and one for sam.  She also included a book for each selected from her personal library, heart shaped chocolates for emi sue and a batman glasses case for sam.
 Awwww.  I love to see little kids hand writing.
 Happy Day.  We love you too.
 How sweet.
 She even picked blue paper for my little man. How very swe.............what does that say up there in the corner?
What!!!!  I love you?  Clearly on emily's she says 'I Love Friends'- but on Sam's?????? She loves HIM.
I got my eye on you girl.  I know your type- all swooshy with the batman glasses cases and Golden Book Readers, and then BAM!  you are out for the family inheritance and my little man's heart.  You'll leave him for some high rollin' daddy'o and drive my poor little broken hearted blonde boy to drinkin'. 
No way missy.  I'm watchin you.
Momma hawk is on the case.

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