Friday, February 4, 2011

Monster Jam

The land of opportunity. 
The happiest place on earth.
The place the dreams are made of........................if you're a boy.
  Which I am me and the girls dodged this monster truck bullet and went to the mall and dinner instead.
 (check out my super cool nephew on the JUMBO TRON!)
 And Dan took Sam and our nephew to inhale exhaust and walk in mud.
It's what all the good parents are doing.
 I'm thinking Sam may have just asked this gal to be his bride.  A woman monster truck driver.....dreamy.
Motorcycle Motorcross Man and our Midget Men.
Holy Smokes those things are HUGE!

I find it very interesting how artsy the track was.  I'm sure the boys didn't even notice.
Pure.  Raw. Happiness.

 Only a son of Dan's could fall asleep at the monster jam.
I bet it was so loud you couldn't hear a thing.   
And I bet not one of these guys even noticed.


Dan said...

Thanks for the opportunity to spend this time with Sam, I know I will always remember the day

Bella Mamma said...

Found your blog and thought you seemed like a cool lady. I have never been to a monster car thingy either. But, those were cool pics.