Friday, February 25, 2011


I don't want to startle anyone, but I have something fairly scary to inform you of.

Lean in close- I'm going to whisper.

I think there are gremlins living in my house.

I know.  Scary right?

See- I spent all day Tuesday picking up and cleaning.  I put away hair bands, jewelry, orbeez, squinkies, legos, dog toys, socks, bath robes, I could go on forever.  This might be a good time to mention though that NONE of these items were mine.  Not one.

But sometimes, as the mom, it is just easier to take some time, put it all away and create a fresh palette to clean.  And that was the plan for Tuesday.  Not to mention- most of the item owners were at school.

After all items were in their home- I cleaned it all.  Rugs, bathrooms, counters, glass, floors.  I even sprinkled in a few loads of laundry for good measure.

It was all done.  The laundry, the house, all of it.

I went to my bedroom to take a shower, a brief blowdry, some light make up and perhaps a good teeth scrub.  Walked down the hallway and BAM!-  it was all back.

Dishes in the sink, dishes on the counter, toys sprinkled through like confetti and the laundry baskets were overflowing again.  I'm not even joking.

And gremlins must have a thing for Fruity Pebbles, because they were freakin' everywhere.

And I KNOW this can't be blamed on my innocent family, because I swear to you sweet mother of pearl that four people as beautiful and loving as my family could not create this kind of catastrophic mess as quickly as it happens around here.

This is not a one time incident- it is not isolated.  This happens dang near  Mysterious drips of chocolate milk, anonymous globs of toothpaste, outfits in the laundry that I have never seen on a living breathing body in this house. 

It's got to be the Gremlins.  Anyone know of a good trap?  Cause this is getting old.

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Halala Mama said...

Amen.. the little jerks live here too. I told my mother that between my family and gravity that I can't keep up.