Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This post will not be worth the time you will spend reading it.  You have been warned.

My children are getting to the age where they want to push the shopping cart.  Not Ally- she's long past that time period.  But Sam and Emily are right there.  And every time we enter a drug store (which is a lot lately because of their frickity frackin sales and my teeny tiny coupon obsession) they ask to push the cart.  I suppose I understand, they look like miniature little shopping carts- and I typically have to hunch over to be able to push it- but the answer it always NO.

You think I didn't ever want to push the shopping cart, fruits of my loins?  Heck yeah I did.  Did I ever get to? Um- actually I did, but the only times I remember end with me slamming the cart into my moms heels and then strangely not pushing the cart anylonger.  That information aside- the answer is still NO.  I have waited my whole entire life for this privilege.  To get to decide how fast we walk, what aisles we will peruse, and when we will stop moving.  I no longer have a baby to rock and talk to and try to calm while holding it and pushing the cart.  This grocery business is finally making a turn for the better (as long as I don't take all three children at one time- that is a complete disaster that always ends with yelling and me being a redfaced sweaty mess).  I GET TO PUSH THE CART.

Thems the rules.  I'm pushing the cart. 

But I will drive wayyyyyy out of my way to shop at a store that offers those tiny little shopping carts for the kids.  No joking.  I've even switched to higher priced stores because they had them and the kids actually loved going shopping there.  And then all of their little carts got stolen, they didn't buy anymore and I switched back to the cheaper store.  I'm kind of flighty like that.

The only problem with the little carts is that Sam is forever forgetting his.  He loads it up with groceries that I asign him, we'll round a corner, shop for yogurt, head to eggs and I will look down and there he is without his cart.  When asked about it- his eyes pop open and we get to retrace our steps until we find it.  We do this at least 4-5 times per shopping trip.  6 if they have one of those dag gone die cast car displays at the end of the cereal aisle.  The kid goes into a trance as soon as we get near it and he MUST carefully touch and sort and arrange all of those glistening beauties.

On another note- who else remembers riding on the bottom of the shopping cart????  I remember sitting cross legged under there the whole shopping trip, just hanging out.  Or I would lay down super man style- like I was flying.  Why are we not allowed to do this anylonger?  There are even pictures on the cart indicating that we can't do this anymore.  Aside from possible finger smashage, what would the possible harm be?  And wouldn't the entire store be grateful to have that small blonde kid out of the center of the aisle? (seriously- I must say 'sam, move over here, there's a lady that needs to get by' like 2000 times during one shopping trip).

Whatev.  Either way- I'm pushing the cart.

Anyone know of any groceries that have alcohol sample ladies?

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Sharon said...

I had totally forgotten the shopping cart over the heels thing til you wrote about it here and oh my now I remember. You had been bugging the stuffin's out of me to let you push the cart and so FINALLY just to get some silence I let you do it and made the mistake of leading. Whack right into the back of my heels but I let you try it one more time and the second time, heels were bleeding and flesh was peeled from the back of my foot so no more pushing. I to this day have a fetish about walking in front of a grocery cart. Thank you sweetheart:)