Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where is mind that is

For mothers day- Dan bought me a set of two beautiful casserole dishes.  We had been shopping for a housewarming gift and he must have noticed me caressing them in the store and low and behold there they were on my special day in May.  It was nice.  Not only because I got me some gorgeous dishes (which may take the focus off of the mediocre food I plan to put in them) but because he noticed and picked them out special just for me.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  See, all of our cabinets are JAM FREAKIN' PACKED so I have had to do some creative cramming to find spots for these bad boys.  I was looking for one- the smaller one- for whatever I was making.  And I looked.  And I looked.  And I looked.  Nowhere.  I may have even screamed a little- I was pretty frustrated.  I can't imagine where on earth it could be- I even looked in the bottom barbeque tool drawer (which is where the bigger version of this dish lives).

I gave up- used something else- and never did find it.

Yesterday I was cleaning.  Really cleaning.  Like I hadn't done in apparently, well, ever.  There were cobwebs on the ceilings, dust on everything (more like a light coating of fur), and horribleness on the walls.  It was a marathon of cleaning day that involved a 6 foot ladder, vacume cleaner attachments, and comet cleanser.  And once all of that was done, I got to start with the 'regular' cleaning of toilets, sinks, dusting, mirrors, floors- you know the drill.  I turned to polish the kitchen table- the one we eat dinner at every.single.night and looky what I found..........
Oh- that's right.  I filled that dish with gourds a few weeks ago for Fall.

Now all I have to look for is my mind.

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