Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do you smell something?

The whole reason Sam is away at grandmas is for today. Today I was invited to attend a seminar that has to do with something that is very important to me.  Children's ministry.

Granted- I am no children's minister.  I am just a Jesus lovin' mom who saw a hole and a reason to buy glitter by the gallon and I stepped in.  It took a lot of prayin', but I stepped in (after I asked like 3000 times if this is REALLY what God wanted me to do).

I can imagine the other folks at this thing will be ACTUAL ministers- like with degrees.  Or possibly they are all just folks like myself trying to answer the call of the Lord.  Either way- it means that I have to change out of my jammies AND wear make up, all in one day.

This morning- while trying to tame my head, which is super curly today which means nothing but rain, I decided to not fight the curls.  I got to digging in the cabinet and I managed to find some hair gel.  Then I dug dug dug some more to find the hairspray.  Mind you- the only reason there is hairspray in the house is due to Allyson's halloween costume (80's valley girl) and her need for BIG hair (which is my specialty as a former 80's girl myself- thank you very much).

I grab the can and spray spray spray.  Think to myself that it sure is a super fine mist.  spray spray spray.  And it smells kind of strange.  Glance at can mid spray.  Antifungle foot spray.  Great.  I just douced my hair in funky foot fungus spray.  My hair that is ON MY HEAD.  Probably has a warning about not using near brain or something.  I guess I can mark off my worries about scalp itch, but brain damage is still on the horizon.  That and the looks when people begin glancing around to see what on earth THAT SMELL is at the seminar.

And this, my friends, is the reason I will never be able to re-enter the real work force- clearly being an adult is too much responsibility for me.

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Vicki said...

Hahahaha! You are too funny! I can relate, Mynde. One time I thought I was using spray deodorant... I was actually applying hair spray to my armpits. Really. No, really.