Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Biggie Girl Time

Yesterday, I watched as my favorite little man sacked up his sunflower blankie, his favorite talking cars, three wind up cars and his monkey underwear and jumped into the car with grandma and grandpa and left me. 

There have been times that the excitement in watching my children drive away with them has made my stomach feel fluttery and I even run into the house to absorb the quiet.  But not this time.  This time it broke my heart.  He was so excited to go for two.whole.nights all.by.himself! And for that, I am happy.  But it is the dawn of a new era for my little man, and that makes my heart heavy.  He is my baby- the last little person I have- and he is growing up lightening fast.

I have a childrens conference thing tomorrow, so I actually was the one to ask for their help in watching Sam.  I guess I just didn't realize they would take him for three whole days.  And I guess I didn't realize that I would spend the better part of those three whole days turning around to look for him.  I am so used to having company that it feels un-natural to be alone.

One might think that with three daytimes to myself that I would have wacky crazy plans like naps, haircuts, manicures...........but no.  It's still run your pants off marathon around here.  Work, work, work, school for lunch, work, work, work (got to make up for missing Wednesday afterall), piano lessons, basketball assessments (one each night thank you very much), a trip to the funeral home (that was a tough one), skating party................on and on and on.  I swear it never seams to end around here.

Don't forget to VOTE today!  But don't worry about picking my new living room color- they didn't have time to add that to the ballot.  Next time I suppose.

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