Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't mind me- I'm new here

 Every day, Sam requests my company to play.  Anything.  He doesn't care- he just wants to play......with me.  It is so hard sometimes to keep up with everything we as moms/wives are supposed to do, and still remember what an honor it is to be asked to play.  So every day- tired, busy, sick or not- we play.  And it is always a brightspot in my day.
 But this 'boy toy' world is all new for me.  I'm just a visitor in a world that really doesn't make sense to me.
 How do you really 'play' with cars.  They don't even have clothes that you can change.  And what is the point exactly of driving around and around and around?

 But Sam is patient with me- and he works with me.  Sometimes the good guys invite that bad guys over for cookies that their mommy is baking (my idea).  Sometimes we blast the bad guys and put them in jail (his idea).  Give and take.
 I always ask the action figures names.  He sometimes has super hero names like "Super Duper Elastic Stretchy Man".  Sometimes they already have a name- like Batman.  Sometimes he assigns foreign names "Evron Mid Pipeigh".

 Yesterday- as he presented me this nasty looking thing- I inquired as to the name.
His name is Fred.
And Fred has a baby in his belly Sam explained to me.  (Fred is really some kind of transformer thing that is both a human and animal- and his human head is folded up in his tummy- but since we don't know how to unfold him to transform it- Sam has come to a different conclusion).
In a sweet little baby voice- Sam was saying 'awww, isn't he cute' as he pointed to the helmet head inside of this yellow beasts tummy.
 I worry that he might not be getting the full effect of his toys.  I mean- he has those boy desires for good and evil, fighting and justice, speed and excitement.  But he is stuck with me as his playmate.
And I don't really 'get' it. 

I mean- the bat cave is nice and all.  But how functional is it really for a home?  It doesn't even have a kitchen or a bathroom.

 And the baby strollers are nice in the fact that they are adjustable in height, but the daddy's hands are curved funny and I have to pry their little guns out of them in order to make them grip the handles.
There's not even any furniture.

For Sam's sake- I just wish we had held onto the barbie dream house.
Now THAT is a proper super hero headquarter.
And a good place for Fred to raise his baby.

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Halala Mama said...

bwahahaha.... I hear my friends talk about playing with their older boys and it sounds a lot like that. Adam is quite to that point, but last week when his stuffed dinosaur tromped all over a car, I saw it coming.