Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Santa,

I want to give you a heads up- there is a certain four year old in my house that is going to be asking you for some pretty amazing things for Christmas.  He would like you to bring a dirt bike (as in a REAL one), a motorcycle that goes as fast as a car, a go cart, and a new helmet.

I am okay with the helmet.  I trust you will use your best judgement regarding the other items.

And by 'best judgement' I mean I expect you to bring a playdough set and some matchbox cars- and the biggest bestest safest helmet your elves can make.  Because this one is all boy, and apparently dreaming of being the next Evil Kinevil.

Oh- and also- start thinking now about how you are going to explain that just because he put it on his list, it is not a dead ringer that you'll be bringing it.  He has been busy at work trimming pictures from catalogs and gluing them to papers.  And he is just certain that you will be bringing it all.

Best judgement there as well please.

The momma with the uneasy feeling that emergency room visits will be in her future


Halala Mama said...

I think you also need bubble wrap and packing tape...for the boy...along with the helmet.

Dan said...

Dear Santa, If you get my son a motorcycle before I get one I will put a lump of coal on your head....