Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A message to my husband.

Dearest Dan,

I know you read this occassionally while you are at work (cough cough 'anonymous commenter' cough).

Therefore- I have a rather urgent message for you.  I was upstairs cleaning a moment ago.  No that is not the urgent message.  Stop.  This is serious.

There is a mouse up there, again.  I did everything I know to do- scream and throw things.  Now it is up to you.  When you arrive in our home in a few hours, please come with a plan to get rid of our guest.  Either that- or we are moving.  I am not joking.  So.not.joking.

I'm not sure how he got up there- and I'm not really sure I care.  Perhaps he is an acrobat.  Whatever. What I do know is that we can not both occupy this same space- as in this house.

So let me know if I should start packing or just hang out on this chair until you get here.

Not joking.

Love- Mynde


Dan said...

Where did you put the suitcases anyway???

Uma sonhadora imortal said...

wow, I do not know what to do if I were you ... hehehehehe
I hope it has given okay ...