Friday, November 5, 2010

This probably won't make any sense

Aliens have taken over my body.  They have filled my head with thick sludgy goop and my lungs with thickness and pain.  My head feels like it could burst at any moment- and my single largest prayer (although the relief would be insane) is that it doesn't because then I (being the mom) would be forced to clean that mess up.

Today my children will still need fed and clothed.  They will still want books, games and play time.  They will still demand (in their own brilliant loving way) a lot from this old sick body.  And I really hope that I have what it takes to give it to them.

For now, I am thinking of wrapping my head in a wet towel and crawling in the microwave.  The heat would be nice and the kids probably wouldn't find me there.  At least not quickly.

Being the mom means that when you get sick (because one of your children no doubt blessed you with some horrifying germs by using your lipstick, chapstick, deodorant, steeling drinks from your soda and sneezing right up in your face)- no body cares and life marches on.  And God gives us extra strength to do so.  Because somebody has to be the mom.

Thank heavens Burger King will let me have it my way- because he (the burger king) is in charge of dinner tonight.  And the way I want it is prepared by someone other than me.

Tomorrow Dan and are are supposed to sneak away to some hotel somewhere for an overnight without our children to celebrate our wedding anniversary that was a month ago.  We couldn't celebrate it like this then because our children have taken over our lives (and calendar) and there simply wasn't any time.

I hope dan finds snot and whimpering sexy.

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