Thursday, June 24, 2010

WHO, for crying out lout, IS IN CHARGE AROUND HERE?

Mentally, I am preparing my list of fun summerness that the kids and I are going to enjoy------this summer.

As in later this year when summer comes.

Which is apparently now.  And almost half over.  Not technically 'calendar summer' half over, but school break summer half over.  You know, that whole 6.2 days they give the kids between school years.  What genious decided that going back to school in the first few weeks of August was a good idea? 

I want those lazy summer days.  Where in the heck are those and when do they get scheduled in?  I have non stop for the past 3 months.  I want laziness.

I want free movie wednesdays, kids bowl free tuesdays, a spontaneous trip to the zoo, summer sleep overs, weekend camping, popcycles for breakfast, dinner picnics, kiddie swimming pool.............I want my summer back.  We haven't even signed up for the damn summer reading thing at the library yet.  We'll have to completely lie about reading all those books now in order to get all the free stuff.

We are leaving for vacation Sunday.  And ANY mother knows what that means.  The next three days are jam freakin packed with laundry, cleaning, trying to find the inflatable pool rings, and the sunscreen, and that stupid plastic bag we use at the beach, and my trendy purse that I use only on vacations.  And discovering that my house is a complete ship wreck.  And that 4H projects are due soon- and by soon I mean the day we get back from vacation.  Which is two days before vacation bible school starts.  But for 4 glorious wonderful days- I am going to soak by the ocean (also known as lake michigan- don't tell my children there is a difference) and pick seaweed out from in between my toes. 

And we're going to eat ice cream for lunch.



Sharon said...

I miss it too, Mynde -- I miss knowing I can run down, stop by etc and just maybe take a break with you, visit a little (and I know you are going to put on your 'face' and say 'REALLY, MOM -- as if you ever have really done that') but the times I have stick in my memory and I really really liked that. I LOVE the 'lazy, hazy days of summer' where popsicle slimed kids wash off in the pool and iced tea tastes so good and there's no place to rush to and on-and-on.

It used to be that way before we as a society decided that what we needed was 'organized activity' and summer took off with all that stuff that if kids don't do now, they are 'behind' -- or are they? There is something to be said for neighborhood games and learning how to get along with others by having to follow those neighborhood rules made up as they go along -- the bickering, the crying -- it's all part of learning and somehow I think we need that in order to grow as human beings. . . all that 'unorganized' chaos that the children create on their own.

But then, this is just comments from One Old Broad -- what could I possibly know:)


Ronda said...

I think we can learn from the "old broad" ;0)

Though we're not doing a whole lot better here. We're not nearly as busy as you, but our list of fun things to do keep getting delayed because of work. What a drag.