Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My wittle baby...................

This little my little man.

And he seems to be getting bigger by the minute.

After camping with his daddy last weekend- he promptly returned home and wanted his training wheels removed from his bike.  As in wanted to ride with two wheels. Without training wheels.

I explained he was just a baby and needed his training wheels.  He was quick to respond that I was wrong.
And in a flash, he and his daddy had removed them.  And just like that *snapping fingers*- he was riding a two wheeler.
No wobbling.  No crying.  No fretting.  No falling.

*heart breaks and then swells with that mother joy that comes when you see how proud your children are of growing up way too fast and mastering yet another skill*

He also had to get all new underwear this week.  Size 6.  What?  How is that possible- they looked so HUGE.  But seem to fit his little tiny boy body so perfectly.  Apparently it was his too little underpants that were making big red spots on his tiny little baby hips.

And into a box go his perfectly perfect hardly worn at all size 4 Thomas the Tank Engine and Lightning McQueen panties.  Done.  Superman too.  Gone.

The only consolation there is that he still wanted character underwear.  Batman and Transformers.  In size 6- in case you missed that part.  As in not 4's.  6's.

Every day for a week, this little man comes running down the hallway first thing in the morning, only to ask what time Melissia (our neighbor who is babysitting for me during air show time) will be coming over.  He loves her.  No, really.  He LOVES her.  And he should, she is pretty awesome.

But I am missing my children like mad crazy.  I've been working a quad-boatload of hours for the past month, with the past week being really bad, and my arms are literally aching just to touch them. 

As I was pulling out of the neighborhood to go back to work for a few more hours this evening, Sam took a huge spill on that mean monster of a two wheeled machine and smashed his little face all up.  Dan called and I came back home.

And I held him, and his two super fat lips, as he held me back.
(Well, in this picture he is not holding me back- he is hiding his fat lips from daddy and the camera.  But before this picture, he was holding me and I was holding him)

After all was well and the bleeding had stopped, I reprepared to go back to work. 

Sam looked me right in the eyes and said "just a few more days, right momma?"

Yes Sammy- just a few more days.  I am so very much anxiously looking forward to beginning our lazy summer days of swimming pools, sprinklers, zoo trips and bike rides.

Just a few more days.


Sharon said...

Ohhhh, my widdle Sambo -- he took a nasty one. Glad he still has his front teeth. Maybe it will serve, however, to make him a little less reckless on that two wheeled 'flying machine' -- I'm sure he makes it fly!!!!:) No corn on the cob for him for a while.


Ronda said...

They aren't panties. He's not going to put you in the nice home if you keep calling them that.

Also 2 wheeled bike riding is the one milestone that makes me cry like a baby.