Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My emily sue............

When Emily was a baby- her front teeth were the last ones to come in.  She looked like a little vampire- she had fangs.  All of her sippy cups had grooves on the sides from her fang teeth.

But no front teeth until well after she turned a year old.

A good mother would probably remember exactly when they did come in- and be able to easily find a picture of said teeth to go with this entry.  I have neither.  The info is here, just buried in baby books and photo albums and I am far too tired to dig it out.  Deal with it.

I even remember multiple discussions with the pediatrician about her lack of front teeth, and his constant reassurance that they would come in.

And they did.

And now one is gone again.

I can not possibly explain how un-ready I was for this to happen.  And how in the shower this morning, before anyone woke up, I cried big giant mommy tears over that tooth.

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Ronda said...

Are you sure those weren't tears of joy over getting in a shower?