Saturday, June 26, 2010


Sam loves him some Thomas!  And yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the entire afternoon with he, Emily and my super cute nephew in none other than Thomas World............


I will now wrap this up, for it is 84 degrees (as in hot) in my house.  Apparently telling your husband that you don't think the air conditioner is working right and sounds funny is not good enough.  Because he will yell at you 4 degrees hotter later and say that you should have made the exact whooshing sound that you heard.


We leave for vacation in 12 hours.  It is hot.  The air conditioner is not functioning.  We are not packed.  My knee is hurting really badly.  And my children are outside arguing. 

And now my husband is off to the part store to buy some wire terminal thingamagig.

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