Sunday, June 27, 2010

Off to the land of blue ice cream.............

So- beginning in Aprilish my world has been nothing but a blurr.

End of schoolness and all of the activities it involves, the start and finish of our first baseball season, piano lessons, girl scout meetings, standard life rigamaroo- all laced together with that crazy air show and it's constant demands of more time.  Then throw in Dan's 40th birthday, followed with Allyson leaving for church camp and WHAMO- I am a tired girl.

Life is beginning to slow back down to just sonic speed- which sounds weird, but I can handle.

What's that you say?  Why don't you take off for a few days and soak up some sun with your children on the fabulous rock filled beaches of Lake Michigan??????  Okay, I think I will.

We are out the door this morning for a few days of vacation.  And I am pumped! Super stoked!  Whatever words those darn whippersnappers are using these days for READY TO GO!

The timing is a bit bad- probably shouldn't abandon work for a week and, Lord willing, Vacation Bible School the week we return.  But either way- the reservations have been made for months and we are going to go take advantage of someone else to make the bed and breakfast  Heck- I'm even going to let someone else wipe up the giant globs of toothpaste for a few days.

Our bags are packed, the beach toys are in the van and I managed to make the kids sweep up their mess of ground up food and candy wrappers from the van.  In just a few short hours (if I get off the computer and take a shower that is) we will be in my favorite place in the entire world- South Haven, Michigan.

See ya suckers!

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