Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Freak of the Week

To say I am hormonal is a bit of an understatement.

Every month- I have one really happy week, one crying week and two weeks where I feel like an axe murderer escaped from prison.

No joke.

Last month, during my crying week, I finally made the time to call my doctor and make an appointment.  Because this just isn't right and surely there is something she can give me.  Anything.  I even frightened the receptionist when I called because I was SOBBING.  She kept saying they could squeeze me in that same day if I really needed her to.  Yeah- freak show woman over here.

So- the point of this overly drawn out story is that she suggested I go back on the pill.  In my head I was all Yeah Yeah whatever, like THAT's going to help.

I have been on them now for three weeks.  I can not even begin to describe how super wonderfully great much better I feel.  No crazy meaness, no screaming at everyone, no breaking into tears every day from all the stress of trying to have this show and be a mom/wife too.  Calm, cool, collectected.  Not once in the past three weeks have I clutched my hair while moaning "I'm going to have a stroke"- and believe me the month previous with all the stress and confusion I said it alot.  ALOT.

Even one of the gals at work, who was curled up in a ball under by desk sucking her thumb and crying asked why I was so calm and happy all the time.  That was my confirmation, these pills are the perfect nectar of love.

Until Sunday.

Sunday I ran out of my perfectly orange colored love muffins and started that one week of plain white ones. 

You know the last row in the pack, the ones that allow mother nature to perfectly complete the womanly cycle.

This week.  THIS WEEK.  The most busy week of my entire year.  The week I will work no less than 80 hours in just 5 short days.  The week where 23 people will be asking me something all at the same time while trying to cram their way in front of my desk.  The week where performers, committee members and vendors will all decend upon me asking for everything they have been promised. This is the week that aunt flo will be visiting.

Watch out- something tells me I only get three happy weeks a month.  And this isn't going to be one of them. 


Blogger Girl said...

now i'm not a doctor, but.......you can skip the week that allows you to do the woman thing & start right onto your next pack of pills. the period you have when on the pill isn't a "real" one- its just caused by going off the hormones for a week. i used to take the pill this way because i'd get migraines when i was on the week of nothing pills. check with your doctor & see if this is an option for you

Blogger Girl said...

P.S. blogger girl is me- mary. i changed my name because i thought about starting a blog, but was going to remain anonymous.

Mynde said...

I just checked your blog- nothing yet. I can't wait to start reading your stuff. You crack me up on facebook- can't wait to see your blog!