Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things I learned Saturday.....................

This man knew about his 'surprise' party the entire time.
Even though this child's softball team typically has lost most of their games- if there is a tournament on the day of a 'surprise party' they will win.win.win.win.win.  And the games will get all up in your birthday party business.  And you will have to miss the last tournament game.

We have the best group of friends that the Lord has provided us with.  THE BEST.  And we are blessed to know them.
It is best to fill water balloons for a party BEFORE the children arrive- otherwise they will swarm you like a drunk Jimmy Buffet groupie.

Water Balloons make children happy.

Children will not limit their water balloonage to children.

Holy Smokes it takes a long time and a lot of hands to light THAT many candles!

Children take pity on old people and help them blow out their forest fires.
It is not possible to make your home looked cared for in one day- apparently that is a process.  But if you wrap christmas lights around the deck and give your friends lots to drink, it helps.
Glow bracelets and citronella candles- an absolute must for evening parties.

Plastic stemware is still a favorite for the young and old alike. (That is just water, I think)

When you leave your camera unattended, you end up with pictures of empty beer bottles with really cook bokeh.

Funny gifts are a must for 40th birthdays- however, most of this I find to be highly useful (so now I'm just afraid).

Again- water balloons=instant fun.  And these kids have some rockin' long legs.

I have never so enjoyed watching children as much as I did that night.  They just clung together and partied the entire time.  And it was awesome.

Martinis are my friend.  However- next time I need to stop just 3 or 4 shy of whatever I did that night.  Too many martinis + cheeseburger + laying down= not my friend.  It's been a while since I had to crawl across the bathroom floor- I don't want to relive that any time soon.

My husband may look miserable- but he's really not- at least I hope.

These people are my posse- and they make my world complete.  But I already knew that.

I also learned that gathering your friends for a 40th birthday party is a FABULOUS idea- and needs to happen way more often than just on big giant birthdays!

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