Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bring on the clowns

I can now say that I know what Ball Day is.
It is pure,


beyond measure,
Laced with squirt guns, silly string, balloons, streamers, squealing, laughing and barrels and barrel of candy.

There is the crown.  I'm not sure if it even made it out of the park before blowing down.
Emily was still proud- and that is what matters.
Her team won an ice cream shop gift card for their float.
I am positive that it was because of that fabulous crown.

I must say, after loading the kids onto their floats and running downtown to find a parade spot, it felt kind of lonely sitting there without any small children.  Just me and Dan.  Anxiously awaiting the kids and the parade. 


mary said...

I KNOW it was the crown! Mynde-you rock! What an awesome mom you are- you work, you are room mom, you are kid's kingdom/VBS mom, you have a funny, cool blog. Your kids are so lucky to have such an involved, fun mom who makes sure that they know how much they are loved!

Mynde said...

Mary- you have no idea what your positive comments have done for my mood this morning. I needed to hear these words, and I thank you.

Sometimes, when running amok to keep track of all of these commitments, the people I fall short with patience with are these small people. So I am not sure they share your feelings. But in some small way- I certainly do hope they feel loved, because they most definantly are.

And the funny, cool blog thing is still up for discussion.