Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Potty Break!

I got a call this morning from the bathroom police, and basically all they could muster to say was "Ewwwww". How rude.

But it did open my eyes to a rather neglected area of my home, actually, it's just one of the neglected areas. Our restrooms. These people who live here are PIGS. Mainly, I blame this on Sam and his new found willy going pee pee in the potty thing. He's horrible at stretching that little thing into the actual bowl- if you know what I'm sayin'.

So I knuckled down and have washed EVERYTHING, scrubbed all counters, washed toothbrush holders, laundered shower curtains and the 'pretty' display towels, polished mirrors- and I even did the unthinkable- I got down on my hands and knees people and scrubbed the floor.

The last of my rugs are in the dryer as I type.

And being I was already sweaty and gross, I scrubbed down the laundry room floor too. Not that it wasn't in need of it or anything.

So- if you are the type who gets out to run errands and then you are all "Oh shoot, I have to go potty- and look there's Mynde's neighborhood. I'll swing by and see if I can use her restroom", today is the day folks. And that is only if you can manage to ignore the entire rest of my home that is desperately in need of cleaning on your way to the facilities. But you better hurry, Sam just announced he's got to go potty, so I am making no promises.

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Ronda said...

I'm on my way over!