Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In a land, not so far away- or is it?

14 years ago today I was 20 years old. I worked as a customer service rep. I was enrolled at IUPUI part time. I was thinner. I was funnier- more light hearted I think. I had super long blonde hair- not the kind that touches your bottom, but long none the less. And I was dating this guy- a really great guy. We'd been going out for 6 months, and I knew that I loved him.

14 years ago tonight, we drove to South Haven, Michigan. And after the sun had set, this guy took my hand and led me out onto the beach and asked me to be his wife. He got down on his knee, and he cried.

I'm still glad that I said yes.

Even though I am surrounded by children who seem to fight and bicker all the time, at TV that is blaring Max and Ruby, and more laundry than it seems humanly possible to catch up- I am still glad that I said yes- and that 14 years ago he chose to do this whole thing with me.


Sharon said...

Oh Mynde, I had forgotten the date!! And how well I remember. You and Dan had come up in the evening and you had accidentally noticed the square box thing he had in his pocket and almost found the ring (he was sure you were going to guess).....and your Dad and I were waiting in the Colonial (where we were sharing the room for the weekend with you and Dan) for you to get back and 'break the news' to us. And the next morning we all had breakfast at the Bezzle and the waitress went to the back room to find flowers to celebrate the occasion -- the only ones there were poinsettias so 'voila', you had flowers to celebrate that morning.

And once again, on that wonderful magical beach, God said 'Surprise!'.

Love you.........Mom

Ronda said...

Aww, how sweet!