Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sam wakes up with a bang. Every.Dang.Day. There is no 'gently awaken and welcome the day' with this boy. His feet hit the floor before his eyes open and he is ready for whatever the world has to offer him. Emily, Allyson and I, on the other hand, wake slowly and gently. We all like to lay in bed for a bit before stumbling from the bed. But I no longer get to do that with Sam, he demands for me to hop up immediately and start our day- which is a struggle.

Yesterday morning, by 9:30 am, he was outside playing with the neighbor kids. To which I had to ask Dan to head out there to supervise as I got ready to leave for work. He was thrilled I tell ya.

By the time I went out to get in my car my neighbor was holding an ice pack on her head and Sam was crying hysterically- declaring that it was an accident and he didn't mean to.

My heart nearly stopped.

Turns out, our neighbor allowed Sam to join in their game of baseball. After pitching the ball to Sam, he managed to hit a line drive- right to her eye. She hit her knees, crying from the pain in her head as her eye began to swell- instantly.

Guess he probably won't be invited to any more of their front yard ball games.

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Sharon said...

Ohhhh, the tears have finally cleared from my laughter, allowing me to see to type!!!! I'd say get the kid signed up for peewee little league and notify the professional teams that he's on his way!!!!LOL