Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another gift for me?

As I reached for the Avon book some over achieving saleswoman keeps leaving in our newspaper box, I was greeted by yet another gift today.Can't quite make it out? That would be a squished snake- loving placed there by an unknown someone. See it's head? Oh how disgusting. I have the willies even while I'm typing this.An extremely big squished dead snake.No one will fess up to it, but I have a theory.
On another note, who other than a boy would actually pose with a dead snake so mommy could take their picture?
Kids and their gifts- boy the rewards are just never ending. Makes me a little worried about my birthday................who knows what they will suprise me with.


Sharon said...

OMG!!! I am SO THANKFUL it was not me that found it for that would've been the last day of my life!! Worse, it could've ended up in the freezer rather than the mailbox. And, on this note, I need to let you know I can no longer babysit at your house -- I do not go where snakes go:)

By the way, that does not look like a small snake!


Ronda said...


As a reward, he should get an extra big helping of veggies for supper. That'll teach him.