Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby #4

It's true- I am birthing my next child. At least that's how it feels. I mean, if I had ever felt labor, this is what I assume it would feel like. That's right- my next baby is a big bad kidney stone.

It hit me at midnight Monday, pain.........Pain...........PAIN. I've heard kidney stones hurt, and now I know, that is correct.

I got an all expense paid trip to the ER, a CT scan, and a lot of morphine. Then I got sent home. Perhaps that doctor wasn't aware that my husband works nights, that I have three children, that my home is a wreck, that meals don't prepare themselves, or that bedrest wasn't an option while sucking down prescription pain killers. But my mom did. And my husband did. They both came to my rescue yesterday and allowed me to just sleep Mom came prepared with an overnight bag so that when Dan had to leave, she could take over. And my good friend Julie showed up with a premade meal at my door step. She knew. And another good friend, Ronda, took over for a meeting we were supposed to both be responsible for. She also knew.

I am a blessed woman. Even if I have a nasty kidney stone making it's way through the southern most region of my body. The pain is better, perhaps I passed it???? Who knows. I wanted to make a piece of jewelry out of it, but it may have snuck out without my knowing it. Although I can't say that 'kidney stone' and 'sneak' should EVER be in the same sentence.

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