Friday, July 10, 2009

The Great Amazing Dog Show

Well, our first year of dog obedience at the dog show for the county fair is under our belts.
I should interject that it was like 95 degrees in the sheep pins where we were for the day. And humid. Probably made it feel like it was 196 degrees. I'm not exaggerating.
Never the less, it was a good day. Despite the fact that Lew is not obedient. Which became evident in the ring. Poor Ally, she sure tried, and Lew Lew, well, he didn't.
But could part of that been due to the 5 1/2 hours we had been trapped in a sheep pin waiting for our turn? Could be.
Want to know what the folks in the stands do while waiting their turn?
They chew lots of gum..................

They lay down and sing............

And watch intently while they hold their breath, hoping that dog will sit........and stay. Which he didn't.

Allyson was proud, and I was proud of her. She put in the work, week after week at meetings and in the yard and earned her time to show her dog. Even if he is obstinate.

But loved.

Did I mention we were held hostage in a sheep pin for 11 hours? Makes me glad it will be a whole year until we might possibly have to do this again : ) It also gives me a lot of respect for the families that show farm animals and basically camp out for a week. Although fun, it is hot and dirty and cramped and hot. But at least we had somewhere to hang out, otherwise the waiting would have been unbearable.

Should I mention the cinnamon sugar doughnuts and hot buttered corn on the cob we consumed while at the fair? Oh how I love the fair. I'm like templeton the rat man, I love fair food!

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