Monday, July 6, 2009

Strange noise.............

There is a terrible noise that has overcome my home. A strange, yet sweet, noise. What is that odd noise you ask? Silence. A quiet has overtaken my house, an odd experience that only rears it's head when- you guessed it- the children are absent.

Grandma has taken my children for a few days and has left me in a trail of sticky drips, scattered crumbs, and this wonderful 'quiet' thing. Ahhhhhh.

Needless to say I miss the noise (kind of) and will look forward to it's happy return. But for the next couple of days I am going to embrace it and cherish it for what it is................rare.

On another note- my garden is flourishing. At this rate, I may have to request help when harvest comes. No photos- but I will just tell you. It has some kind of vining something or other my mom planted- gourds I believe, two sunflowers, and 5 tomato plants. Yep- the rest is just grass that I mow down once every couple of weeks. Sad, I know. Perhaps we'll slap in some pumpkins or something for the Fall. But this is all I have managed to muster this year. It saddens me. I really really really want to have a huge well tended garden, but I don't. I just don't have it to give. If anything is going to be well tended this year, it will have to be my house. Which is also not well tended. I must focus. Press on. Dedicate the time. Then my children will return and trash it. Perfection. I love that my children can simulate a tornado in our home at a moments notice. I really do. They are perfect little creatures who accept me, their non-perfect home keeping, non-flourishing garden having, barely able to keep clean clothes in the closets mom.

The love is mutual.

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Ronda said...

Enjoy your vacation!! I know you're looking for something to do tonight. May I suggest a softball game?? Bring your sneakers and your glove. We may find you a spot in the outfielf.