Monday, July 13, 2009


After spending the entire day at the dog show, I couldn't help but reflect on what I had witnessed.

These kids spend countless hours training their trusty steeds to walk only on the left side, to sit automatically when their 'master' stops walking, to wait for direction before getting up, to sit and stay even though their trainer has left them, to stay seated before retrieving the dumbell, and to 'finish' by walking a full circle around the child and then sitting down on the left. Some on the leash, some off. Some even participated in the agility section where they had to fully trust their trainer to tell them where to go and when (up ramps, into tunnels, jump over hurdles, etc.).

Meanwhile, I was wrestling three (yes three- the 9 year old was the biggest offender) children in the bleachers who failed to listen to a single command. Climing up and down off the bleachers, playing with trash on the floor, splashing in the puddles from the rain storm, rolling, wiggling, poking, fighting. They were hot, bored and like wild little animals. Not like the animals in the show, they were actually listening to their owners.

Next to me sat a mom with two little ones who didn't move. They just sat and watched. They too were hot and bored, but they sat still and waited for direction from their mom as to when to move.

I couldn't help but reflect on if there was a child obedience show. I would have lost no doubt. I have not much control over my children, which is what gives me hot sweats when we are out in public. My kids seem to be so high energy, they just wiggle non stop. And now there is this thing with Sam hitting people with his shoes- both on and off his feet. It seems to be unbearable to me.

So here is the conclusion that I have come to. I need three choker chains.

Have a great week!

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