Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A quiet evening...........

The kids played outside all last night until 9:20- when the sun began to set and I declared bath time. They were filthy dirty, so baths were a must.

It was nice to see them and the neighborhood kids just play. They rode bikes, played basketball, and paraded our guinea pigs around. Did I say pig's'? Yes- I haven't posted yet but we have another guinea pig now, his name is Chocolate. I will put some pictures on as soon as my lazy behind gets them off the old camera.

So back to playing. It was a great night here in old Indiana for outdoor playing. I noticed Sammy down the street at the 17 year olds house, sitting and chatting with her. When they returned I was informed that sam is her 'boyfriend'. He looked so giggly.

At one point I heard screaming. I looked up and here came Sam tearing up the road on his tricycle with Emily chasing behind him and screaching. There was no way she was going to catch him, so she was pretty far back. He came flying up the driveway, screeched to a hault and grabbed a guinea pig out of his bicycle basket. Ahhh, it all came into focus. He'd kidnapped one of the pigs. He proceeded to run up the driveway, carrying Chocolate upside down straight out in front of his body. Oh how I wish I would have taken my camera outside, it was hysterical. Needless to say, the pig got restored to it's rightful owner and all was well in our world again. The girls know better than to leave a pig unattended, Sam loves to grab them and put them places.

A little while later, here came Emily with one of the neighborhood girls driving in a two seater jeep. Where on earth are the guinea pigs I asked. They had squeezed them into a small narrow compartment in the back of the jeep, of course, and were taking them for a ride.

I need to take more time to sit in the front yard and watch the kids play. It was refreshing and enjoyable. I just need to focus on how to relax. That is my downfall, I constantly feel like I should be doing something. But just sitting there was nice. And since none of my children are young enough to eat strange things they find in the yard, I can actually sit down now. I have apparently lost my ability to just sit, so I am going to work on that.

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Ronda said...

Good for your relaxing evening!