Saturday, November 8, 2008

A start to the holidays:

Well, the holidays are officially here. We've been invited to our first holiday openhouse, and it's actually today.

I have been so excited all week, my only bit of concern is what to wear. It's so early in the holiday season, it seems strange to bust out a holiday sweater. Up until yesterday I was still wearing shorts (in theory). Today is a bit colder though. Oh, the decisions.

The kids are equally excited, any time they get invited to a party it is a good day. We can hardly wait. The invitation was beautiful, just beautiful.

You probably got one too, it came in the paper on Thursday. The party is at Krogers, and today is their holiday openhouse, and yes- I am that sad. I'm actually excited, what a sorry little woman I am. Regardless, we're going, and maybe I'll win a spiral sliced ham. Then who will be the sorry one?

Better run- the openhouse starts at 10am and we want to get there early enough to get one of those cool car shopping carts! That way Emily and Sam can fight and bicker the ENTIRE time we are there, instead of only part of the time like when they are not crammed in a small plastic box together. Either way- Rebecca said they are sampling eclairs today and to me that makes it all worth it!


Sharon said...

Well, you got me all excited and having to go over there to the bank anyway, decided to participate in the Holiday festivities at Krogers and thought I might run into you and the kids there ...... so, there I was with all those old people blocking the aislesLOL...the only thing I saw to sign up for was the big basket up in front, so did that....passed on the strange drinks they were passing out in produce....never found the eclairs....helped a woman guess the number of M&Ms in a jar at the pharmacy counter but passed on entering their drawing for didn't use their basket of stuff......helped a very inept man shopper find the diced tomatoes he was looking for (in fact, when I passed him again, he was still down on the floor on his knees digging for something at the back of that shelf -- I never did figure that out and was afraid to offer help again) ... got my ankle run over by a lady pushing her cart and looking elsewhere and finally decided after plowing through all the markdowns and finding deals on tomato sauce, to forget trying to find the signup for the ham and checked out. All in all, I couldn't quite see what the big thing was but the Xmas music was nice (scary, but nice as I'm not ready to go there yet). I did, however, get a great buy on their plastic storage containers so bought a bunch of those as I am out and came home. So thanks -- without you I wouldn't have my storage containers. Called your house to thank you for the experience, but Dan said you were at Krogers:)


P.S. -- will be there on the 13th with you, the kids and that wonderful Santa!!


Rebecca said...

OK Mynde Now I feel gulity for ruining 2 peoples SAT's. I really didn't think that you were even listening to me when I causually mention that MARSH would be handing out eclairs at their holiday show the same day as KROGER had there's. OH WAIT I forgot you got that bit of eclair information from my calander so I can see where you may have gotten confused. I hope that the delicoiusly FROSTED Raspberry Angel food helped somewhat make up for it.