Thursday, November 6, 2008

And the winner is...............

Tuesday, if you remember correctly, was a huge day. In addition to our nation voting to select our next group of leaders, our family voted on some very important topics as well.

Allyson was beside herself she was so excited.

At dinner, we all cast our ballots. Emily and Allyson both ended up voting a straight ticket- each for themselves.

Dan and I had to weigh the choices carefully. After all, a trip to Chuck E Cheese was at stake.

Sam, well he fell asleep in the living room. Out cold.

Allyson harassed me, oh- I mean asked me constantly for an hour if she could wake him to get his votes. Finally, I surrendered. Their conversation went something like this:

Ally- "Sammy, do you want chicken brocolli ziti or spaghetti and meatballs for dinner"
Sam- "Noffing"
Ally- "No Sammy, not now, on Sunday" she repeated choices
Sam- "Noffing, I not hungry"
Ally- "We're voting Sam and I need to know if you prefer cheesy noodles or spaghetti"
Sam- "Pizza. I want pizza"
(Sam chose to obstain from casting his vote on that topic)
Ally- "Okay Sam- do you want Mexian or Chuck E Cheese"
Sam- "Mexican"
Allyson- "Mexican?"
Me- "Sam, you want Mexican over chuck e cheese??????"
Sam- "Oh- Chuck E Cheese, Chuck E Cheese. I win lots of tickets"
Me- (that's what I thought)
Ally- "Now Sam, do you want to see High School Musical or the Chiwawa movie?"
Sam- "Um, Diego!"
He should have run his own campaign.

And the winners are:
Dinner- Allyson's Chicken Brocolli Ziti
Lunch out- Emily's Chuck E Cheese
Movie- Allyson's Chiwawa movie
Family Game- Emily's music machine at Chuck E Cheese (tricky little girl, she was going to get to go there regardless!)
Where to sit in church- Allyson- in the balcony (pray that no one falls over)

Next year, I suggest we vote on who will rake up the leaves, clean out the flower beds, unload the dishwasher for the 3rd time today, staintreat the laundry, and vacume out the van (Ohhh, I hope it's me!) While I am here, I'm going to complain a bit. Turn away now if you can't handle that.

Yesterday was nothing short of crazy. I hope today is better. We ran non stop. Go Go Go. It just makes me feel nuts. We got up, got everyone dressed, me showered, laundry started, breakfast served, ally's lunch packed, her on the bus and the rest of us in the van! Whew.

Then we dropped Emily at preschool and Sam and I went to the airshow. Which went pretty well. He has his own desk and gets to watch cartoons and finish his breakfast while we're there. And he loves Miss Beth (the lady I work with) so it's not all bad- just crazy trying to work while answering 534 questions (what that mommy? is this red? you like oranges?- you know) and run to the restroom, pick up toys and change his diapers- all while trying to look like a professional office person (which I am soooo not).

11am- off to pick up Emily. Then to the trophy store. Then to Wendys for chicken nuggets (you can't be everything man). Back to preschool for parent teacher conference. Have I mentioned how I love preschool parent teacher conferences???? Well I do, especially now that Emily is adjusted and not taking toys and getting constant time outs. Back to focus- conference over, off to run errands.

I am trying to help coordinate a dinner for 100+ air show people on Monday. I am a moran. With a budget of, well nothing, we are trying to make a nice dinner. Ughh. So we had to go to hobby lobby and office max to obtain a few items. I ended up loosing my cool in hobby lobby, in front of a salesclerk. Emily and Sam were rolling around on the floor as I tried to select a matte color for an award. They had already been warned. I yelled. It was ugly.

Back at the ranch, we head out on the deck for lunch. Then we spend some time outside playing and soaking up this beautiful weather. And fighting. It ends with Sam and Emily in tears- they both want the same spot on the rocket swing, sam pulls emilys hair, UGLY STUFF! We calm the tears, swing for a few more minutes and head inside. I sit down for 30 minutes with the kids to watch cartoons. I have a horrible cold and I feel like crap. 4pm- time to start dinner.

Homemade lasagna (who do I think I am?) Still I go for it. At a little after 5 I get it in the oven, and realize it won't be ready in time for us to eat before everyone runs their separate directions. So I get to make another dinner, again. Fortunatly I had leftover sauce so I just boiled some pasta- spaghetti- whola! And I suppose it's nice to have dinner done for tonight already : )

Down set hike! Everyone out the door- Dan to church to finish a task there, us to allyson's girl scouts. Drop her off, head to drop off a pan of Lasagna to a friend (which I was glad to do, don't misunderstand, I just wish I had wings), run by church to borrow some glitter, swing through starbucks- because I still have miles to run, back to get ally.

Then we are off to the airshow to coat 20 pumpkins in glitter for centerpieces. Then it hits me. The school play is Thursday and I signed up to donate cookies. We turn around and head home. Hope I have something on hand I can make. Turns out I do- chocolate no bake cookies.

And while baking the cookies, here came Allyson with a 'look' on her face. "Mom, I just remembered I have to wear blue jeans in the play tomorrow, and I wore my last clean pair today". So I added another load of laundry to the day's list of to do items. No big deal.

Much to my delight, Dan made it home in time to help get the kids to bed and soon my world settled down and we went to sleep. What a day.

I know- everyone has days just like this. But I am a big whiny baby and I just don't do well with constant go go go. I need slow slow slow. I am glad that today's schedule holds much less.

But my oven is smoking. Apparently my lasagna boiled over. It's a self cleaning oven, but I am afraid of it. Next item on today's agenda? Me, the oven instruction manual, and a serious consult about who to use this option. Wish me luck!


Ronda said...

Good luck to you in your quest to have a more peaceful day.

Congratulations to the election day winners...just be sure to sit in the second row of the balcony, and all will survive. (I'm pretty sure).

Thanks again for the offer of Starbucks. I appreciate your thinking of me.

Sharon said...

It makes me weary just to hear it -- yet, I think there were days like that when you guys were little....I always kept what I called 'desperate dinners' that could materialize in a 'flash' so that I could be onto a thousand other things that evening. You do it so well, tho, Mynde.

As to Sam's running his own campaign, it appears that the way his verbalization skills are growing, the fact that he LOVES to talk and argue, and his obvious talent at manipulating those around him, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he WILL be running his own campaign someday and he most likely will win as he is a formidable force in the making!! (besides that, what Grandmother's ego couldn't benefit from being able to say 'my grandson, the Mayor, Governor, President etc' tho my Grandmother's spirit is already blessed and most happy with the little spirits who have chosen to be able to call me that..LOVE 'EM JUST THE WAY THEY ARE!!)

Hang in there Mynde -- remember, you are being polished like fine steelLOL


Rebecca said...

Well you cannot begin to imagine just how FLATTERED that one of my bills(recipes) made it to the floor. I am honored to have won the election as well. Tell Ally she's got my bi-partisian approval form this day forward ,even if Sam falls from the balcony.(attach a bungee cord to his britches and all will be fine). Thats todays Hint from Helouise