Sunday, November 16, 2008

A trip to the Theater (said with a brittish accent)

I don't know why brittish, but that is the accent the kids and I used all morning while playing around and getting ready to go. We are just stupid that way I guess. I had to do something to get the girls out of the beds to get dressed. The point is that we got to go and see a play yesterday morning and it was awesome! It was a children's production at Beef and Boards (I love the kids plays there!) and all three loved it!Things could have gone either way with Mr. Sam. He's unpredictable that way. But he was totally into it. But not into getting his picture with snow white, he was not impressed with her or the fact that he could get his photo snapped with her. You can't see it in the picture, but he's on the floor behind them, growling like a lion.And Emily, although she doesn't look it in this picture, was thrilled to get to see 'the real snow white'. And she and Sam now understand the difference between a play and a movie. Emily has been before, but she was just a baby. I used to take Allyson there a lot, but since Sam has entered the picture we have laid low. But sleeping beauty is coming in the spring and emily has her calendar marked. Looks like we'll be returning.
After the play, the characters were available for autographs. Sam was hung up on this guy, the woodsman (remember- the queen sends him into the forest with snow white to kill her????). He stood and kind of glared at him from across the room and kept asking if I saw the mean guy. But when it came time to get his autograph, Sam marched right up to him! Too funny.

Awesome day. We all missed Dan and wished he could have joined us, but selfishly I loved the time with the kids.

Afterwards, we went to chick-fil-a (the fancy chicken in a box place- as Ally used to call it) for lunch. The reason I mention this is only to report that Emily ate 15 chicken nuggets for lunch. 15. "Hello, we'll take a chicken sandwich meal, 2 4-piece nugget meals, and the party platter for my 4 year old". Can you believe that. The kid was also thrilled to get two rice crispy treats at the play (allyson's teeth were hurting). She's just packing it in right now, I guess.

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Ronda said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of fun. Look how grown up your kiddos look...grown up and cultured -- those play-seeing kiddos. Impressive