Monday, November 10, 2008

Praising God for Puke

At 3:30 AM Sunday morning, Emily got up for a drink and then began vomiting. It was a complete surprise- she mentioned nothing of anything except being thirsty.
As a mother, it is my job to either a.) try to catch it in my hands (why on earth do we mothers feel compelled to do this?) or b.) get something to clean it up with. I picked b.
While leaping to the laundry room with soaked towels and pajamas- I managed to step on a high ho cherry oh. I believe the words I muttered were something other than "Oh look, another cherry to our game, goody".
After cleaning the floor and chair, changing emi's pjs and panties, starting the laundry, rinsing her hair and getting her back to bed, I was less than relaxed. So I curled up with my DVR and a few favorite shows I have not had the time to watch.

And as I sat there, I thought about what a sense of humor God has. I was being kind of bitter and lighthearted all at the same time. Then I realized, had we not screwed this all up in the beginning, we would still be frolicking in the Garden of Eden- and I bet no one would ever puke there. God didn't want this for us, and I had to just be greatful for the moments that were positive in the experience.
At 5am when I headed back to bed, Emily was up again. But thankfully that was the last time she got sick. After that, she was go go go.Needless to say, she and I stayed home from church. Which I do believe was the gift that God had intended for us that day.It's not very often that I get the chance to be one on one with the kids. And I can't remember the last time I made the time to sit and paint or color with the kids. I typically work on damage control while they do art projects.
This is Emilys first masterpiece- two people wrestling and trying to get over the line while stomping on the green grass. Of course.

There is always so much that needs done. Even while enjoying Miss Emi during this morning, I couldn't help shake the idea that there was lots of laundry that needed done, a dishwasher that needed unloaded, a toybox that apparently exploded in the living room and dust bunnies rolling across the plains. That's my problem, I need to let all that go and just enjoy.So I did , and it was wonderful. We painted together. Played a few games. And even did our nails. And it was awesome.
Thank you God, for giving us puke which in turn gave us time!

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Ronda said...

Yay! You found the bright side!!

Glad to find that Emi is on the mend.