Monday, October 11, 2010

We're not loosers!

 After 7 long years, many failed attempts, and two powersprayers- we managed to clean the entire deck
 And seal it.
Yeah us!  And by us- I mean mostly me because I am the one who started the whole cleaning process this time around.  And I provided a 10% coupon for the sealer.  And I did manage to drag my sorry self out there and assist with the inside of the railings.  Dan just did the entire deck floor and the outsides of the rails and the bottom part by the ground.  He's always taking the easy way out.

I'm actually a little distraught because while power spraying the deck I took the time to etch little sayings and designs in the algae scum layer on the railings.  It was really creative of me and I was considering launching a deck decorating art company.  And now I don't have my pictures of it.  So now can I not only not share them with you- I'm out of business already too.


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