Thursday, October 28, 2010

Four glorious days

This is without a doubt the best time of the whole year.  I love the pumpkins, the crunchy leaves, the crispness in the air, the apple orchard, candles in jack-o-lanters, hot cider, bonfires.  There is no way I could ever be convinced that this is not the absolute perfect environment. 

Ally- once again avoiding the camera.  But I almost got her!

We snuck out to the zoo boo last week.  We got there too late in the evening to do all of the activities (there was a unexpected clothing emergency, then a shoe emergency, followed by a potty emergency- which led to another clothing emergency.  I wasn't sure we would EVER get out the door.)  Regardless, we are going to try and go back tomorrow to hit what we missed.  HOWEVER- check out that cute baby above.  His mom made their costumes and his hair is a blue feather boa glued to a baby cap.  I used to get to make the kids costumes- and I lived for it (although I wasn't very good at it).  Now- they are more interested in the store bought costumes.  Sam could be persuaded, but I have no idea who it is he's talking about that he wants to be so we just bought his too.  whoa is me.  But I'm still making one of those cute feather caps.  Not sure who is going to wear it, and I don't really care.  I'm still making one.

We had to fly around to zoo just to get the trick or treating in and the train ride.  The kids kept slowing us down looking at the dag gone animals.  Geesh.  I kept barking for them to stop looking at those crazy animals and hussle to the next station, move!move!move!  As if we have time at the zoo to look at animals.  Kids these days- no priorities. 
Can you even believe the nerve of this lady?
As we were walking around the zoo- this lady just appeared in front of me.

Can you imagine?  It was like she was waving around an armed rifle or something.  Just 'BAM' out of no where- tiny baby toes.  My ovaries quivered.  My uterus whimpered. My heart began to hurt.

Just like it was nothing- there she was with her tiny toed baby.  They should have made her put socks on it.  Or leave. It's just too dangerous to go waving around something like that to overthemiddleaged women who may or may not be encroaching on menopause and whose breasts will never lactate again.
But then as I sped around them to keep up with my herd- I told my heart to settle down. 
I have three sets of pretty awesome little feet myself.

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