Friday, October 8, 2010

I survived.............a while ago

So, I have been failing a little (a lot) on my blogging agenda.  I actually have some pretty interesting (probably not now that I think about it) things I have been wanting to blog about.

I'll start this off by saying that they kept mom at the hospital overnight again.  I could see that she was relieved.  It is still not so easy for her to breath- and that is kind of inconvenient.  This is part of the lung disease that she has, now it is just learning what meds will balance it.

Anywho- a week ago today I became a survivor.  Nothing that deserves a brightly colored ribbon or anything so fancy- rather another notch in my mom belt or a star for my apron.
 That's right- I lived through a slumber party of pre-teen girls.

Now- we've had slumber parties before.  But this one was different.  There were no polly pockets.  No barbies.  No sweet little girl games.  Just chatting, texting, giggling, chasing, screaming, squeallllllliiiiiinnnnnnnnggggg.  I swear, I thought the neighbors were going to call the police.

 Can you imagine????  This year the highlight of her birthday was that Miss Rebecca- a PROFESSIONAL cake decorator- was going to make her cake.  She couldn't get the kids in the door fast enough to show them her cake.  Which was beautiful.  Although this child has has homemade teacup cakes and beauties covered by pretzel butterflies all made with the love only a mother could put into something.  And yet this year, second year in a row I might add, totally asked for a 'made by someone else' cake.

hmph. (It really was a beautiful cake- that missy bucket really made this a special birthday for one girl : )

 I made them eat dinner on the deck.  I'm classy like that.

 There were blindfolded makeovers.  Wow- just gorgeous.
 And Lewis was quite the stud among a crowd of 11 year old girls.
We started the night with 9 girls plus emily and sam.  11 children.

Had a big girly girl drama thing and lost one.  10 children.

Begging, crying, pleading, drama drama drama.  Leaving girl stays.  11 children.

Drama Drama Drama.  Same girl, leaving again.  10.

Same thing as before, only this time I make Dan get involved because I'm going in to make a drink.  11.

One girl gets picked up by parent due to early AM soccer game and non-spending-the-nightous-itis.  10 children.

11pm.  Child in tears, thinks she wants to go home.  Nothing in particular, other than itchy eyes from dog and a bit of homesickness.  9 children.

I sleep on the floor in Sam's room with he and emily.  7 soon to be teenage girls 'sleep' in the living room.  Which I don't think there ever was really any sleeping.

Check that off the list.  Been there, done that.  Not sure I will sign up for it again.

Too much drama.

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