Friday, October 22, 2010

Perfect in his own way

 Yesterday, I leaned in behind Sam and we looked into a mirror. 
 And I showed him what kids meant when they asked what was wrong with his eye.
 And I pulled up on his eyelid and showed him how the doctor was going to make both of his eyelids the same.
 And I watched him as he realized that there was something different about his eyes.
And then he and I shared the rest of our lunch together.

Since birth, our opthomologist has been watching his eye very closely.  I knew this day would come- the perfect window before he begins school to 'fix' his eye.  And it is now.  Like a flash it is upon us.  It is scheduled.  But I can't help but to wonder if we are doing the right thing.  I find his entire being to be completely perfect.  I believe God made him exactly how he wanted him.  And I find his eye to be a bit charming.  I can imagine as a grown man it could be part of his character.  And yet we are going to continue on with the surgery.  A surgery that will do more than to correct is eye, it will protect his self esteem.  Because kids are mean and they tease, and will continue to do so.  This is supposed to be the right thing to do.

But it sure is weighing on my heart.


Halalamama said...

He is a beautiful boy!! But I definitely understand getting his eye fixed. The kids will make fun of him prior to accepting him. Maybe some day as an adult he would want to have it fixed and it would likely be harder as an adult to do so. It's not something I would have done when he was a little baby, but the doctor is probably right - this is the right "window" to do it now. God bless.

TeenBlogger said...

Oh what a cutie. Kids are mean and can't help but notice and point out his differences, which is too bad. I can't completely understand getting his eye fixed (although I didn't even really notice it till you pointed it out. He definitely a handsome dude).

TeenBlogger said...

Woops I meant to say can. I completely CAN. I think you're doing the right thing (didn't mean to negate that the first time around)

Karen said...

My stepson, who is 15, has a drooping eyelid like that. It's never been corrected and he does get comments from some kids and even family. But for the most part, he's not bothered by it. I agree that you're doing the right thing because kids (and family) can be very mean about things like this. I'll keep him in my thoughts as your wonderful son goes through this. It will all turn out wonderfully, I'm sure.