Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I really thought I was done with Test Booklets

 Several months ago when I did my civic duty and filled out my census thing- I really thought I was done.
 And then this came.
 You probably have one too.  A 40+ page test booklet of questions that I should know the answers to but don't.  After all, some questions are not easily answered.  For instance- regarding allyson- it asked if she had any mental problem to dress shower, etc.  Uh- I think the answer is technically no- but she still is unable to put clothing into a clothes basket or follow simple instructions- so is that a yes?  I'm not sure.  So perhaps I'll type up a composition for them regarding our how family works.
The stress is a bit much.  But after completing the questions for Dan and I, it occurred to me that our books might be bigger than some others as we are actually a working family who buys their own food, receives no government assistance and pay our own house payment.  We picked out a house that we could afford AND make monthly payments to live there.  Upon reading all of the questions, it became clear that there really are alot of folks in our world who apparently don't do that.

And I might be being a little bitter based on a story I heard yesterday- but who knows.  For the record- I think government assistance is golden.  I think it is necessary.  I think I am glad to contribute to it so that it is available.  I wish there were a way to provide it to the folks who really would benefit from it, and not give it so freely to those who feel they are entitled and not willing to work to make their life any different.  If you are physically able to shower and dress yourself (question 26 I think), then please go get a job and pay your own bills.  And maybe you won't be able to buy the $800 worth of groceries that you currently can afford through food stamps- welcome to the club.  I feed a family of 5 on a lot less than that.  I shop sales, I use coupons, we eat a lot of hamburger some weeks.  And I still do it.

And this is really not the direction I was going with this.  Sorry for my ranting.

Back to task.  I spent over 30 minutes this morning answering the same questions, or at least similar, that I answered on the original survey I'm pretty sure.  Except they now know how many weeks a year Dan and I work, and that Allyson can't put her own clothes in the hamper or remember to bring her shoes in out of the car, yard, garage.  And that Emily still can't see well with her glasses.

Civic duty done.  Check me off the list US Census Bureau.  And for crying out loud perhaps you can come up with some computerized way to do this next time so that we can save on the multiple mailings you have sent every household in the country.

And then take that money you saved and help out some family who would really appreciate the assistance to get back on their feet.


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