Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our bodies aren't the only things lookin' old

When Dan and I registered for our wedding........14.5 years agoish......(gulp)........I fell IN LOVE with a plate pattern.

For the most part with our registery I was not hung up on anything in particular.  If there would have been a generic button for 'blender', 'can opener', 'pots and pans', 'sheets', 'towels', I would have just selected that and let our guests go hog wild.

Except for these dishes.  They were Mikasa Flower Basket White and Dan said there was no way we could register for something that cost so much per place setting.  But these were going to be our everyday dishes.  I didn't register for china because we already had 2 sets that were passed to us from family and in our marriage we've aquired a third gifted set.  So see, we didn't need 'fine' china. 

But these super gorgeous, oversized, salad plate looks like a giant flower, bowls have a light basket weave around the edges, beautifully made and lovingly crafted dishes- we (I) NEEDED them.

So I scanned them.  Beep.  And then I waited.  And hoped. Hoped that someone would perhaps choose to buy a place setting for us.

And we did receive 5 beautiful place settings of them for our wedding.

And for our one month anniversary my husband surprised me with 4 more.

9 perfectly perfect in every way place settings of the best dishes on earth that we would use for every meal we would ever have for the rest of our entire lives.  And we would live happily ever after.  The end.

We're down to 6 5 salad plates, 6 bowls, 7 dinner plates and 8 coffee cups.

Funny story.  Mikasa discontinued this pattern like a year after our wedding.  So now they are apparently collectors items as the plates sell for $20-$30 EACH at replacement china shops and the coffee cups can be up to $30!  Apparently since they didn't make it for long, it is rather rare.  Of course.  Because that is my luck.

For a moment I contemplated selling what pieces I have left (not the broken pieces) as apparently they are as valuable as gold.  But I can't do it.  Instead, I will spend a few more years looking at garage and estate sales hoping to find a box full of my dishes.  And perhaps I will bite the bullet and just buy the replacements.

Because they are THE DISHES afterall.

But it does tend to make ones eyes kind of teary when one sets down a plate of bacon and the plate just falls apart on the counter.

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