Monday, October 4, 2010

Lost.......and then found

If your kids turns up missing and doesn't come home on the school bus, chances are it is not the school who has lost them.

Thursday, after waiting like 20 minutes past Emily's normal bus time with no sign of her or the huge yellow monstrosity that she rides on, I went into full panic mode.  I began rummaging around on the fridge looking for the bus garage number, where oh where did I put that bus garage number.

In my head I am saying things like 'I know she looks nice and all- but I've always questioned that bus driver.  She's irresponsible and she has lost my baby.  Or she's crashed that bus and emi is laying in a ditch. Uhg.  Where is that number.  They should have sent an instant alert, why do we pay for such a service if they don't use it.  Parents worry- they should have least with an update.  I mean 20 minutes late?  She's been on that bus for over an hour now.  That is just wrong, I'm going to talk to the principal...............where on earth is that stupid number?"  And on and on and on.

Until I unearth the number.

I speed dial it and wait wait wait for someone to answer.  While waiting I fling open the back door just to be sure Emily is not back there with Dan.  Someone answers and as I begin to explain their mistake and how someone better produce my emi and a good explination as to where on God's green earth she is and WHY they didn't bring her home like planned I hear Dan talking.  How rude.  Can't he see I'm on the phone?

"You are supposed to pick her up after her school party today Mynde".

Instant panic, fear and adrenaline.  Shoot!  Was that today?  How could I forget?  I mean I reminded HER this morning to stay after school for her super mega party- how could I have forgotten?  What time is it?  What time am I supposed to be there?  Why am I holding the phone to my head?

And then I remembered- the bus garage lady who I was planning to rip a new one.

All I could say was "Uh.  Oh.  Well.  Sorry.  Nevermind.  I forgot."  And I hung up.

And I left to go to pick up Emily.  And I was right on time, and she never knew that she was even lost.

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