Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Florida day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep. It is. Today we embark upon our journey for our much awaited vacation. Know how I can tell it's official? Sam's got a fever, Allyson is on antibiotics and my throat is swollen. There is just no way to try and get this many people out of town healthy. I just hope it is short lived and we can travel comfortably.

Speaking of our trip. Dan has limited me to one suitcase. Not one for me, one for ALL of us. ONE. Can you imagine. But somehow we have done it. We have one pack and play (we're short a bed in our condo so Sam gets to sleep in a pin), one HUGE suitcase (I can play his game), one small bag for our overnight stay tonight, one beach bag, one cooler and one bin of beach toys. In addition we have one box of snacks and such and each kid has a bag of toys. Dan's job will be to fit all of that into the van. Good luck.

We're almost packed. Just a couple more hours and we'll be good to go. I have some tidying left to do to our home, of course a couple loads of laundry left to fold (a never ending cycle), a dishwasher to unload, trash to gather and then we are out of here. OUT OF HERE. I can't wait.

Have a great week.

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Ronda said...

Have a good time!