Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunglasses to snow boots................

Well this is a fine how do ya do. We drive, literally, from shorts and sunglasses into snow. Welcome home. If this is a welcome home present, well, I've had better. It is freakin freezing here.

We had a great time, despite some unwanted rain on more than one day. Still got a few great beach days, which was wonderful. White sand, clear ocean, happy kids, wonderful.

Feels good to be home, despite the winterish weather. I'll post some pictures as soon as my husband tutors me on how to get them off the camera. Yes, I am still a canon moran. Whatever.

Yesterday was a 'back in the saddle' kind of day. Run run run- work, grocery, vet appointment (lew lost over 2 lbs- yeah doggie weight watchers), piano lesson and doggie obedience class (what a hoot- allyson entered lew in 4H!) Vacations are necessary to save us from our lives of run run run.

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Sharon said...

Yeah for Lew!! That stay at Grandma's apparently did him some good....I think it was the chase thru the lightening and storm Saturday night(for being so overweight, he can TRAVEL FAST) by Yours Truly and his almost daily walks by Mr. Cox that did the trick!! I kind of miss the Old Boy:)