Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A blast from the past.................

So, for Christmas Dan bought a new camera for us. And it is one gorgeous piece of equipment. The only problem is once pictures were taken with it, they were trapped inside forever. Until now. Dan figured it out, somehow, and now our pictures are free. Run free little pictures.........

So much past due, here are the photos from Emily's trip to libby lu for her birthday (in january). She got to take a friend, so this is Katy and Emily-pre makover. Who knew Emily was soooo much taller than her friends?And Allyson got in on the action too (sorry she's blurry- this new fangled camera thing, bear with me)
For those of you not familiar with libby lu, they give little girl makeovers and it is awesome. Sorry- they wen't out of business. You'll never get to go there again. Good news (rebecca) Justice offers makeovers too. So don't think you are out of the woods! (A good make over and a trip to chucke cheese and your birthday planning is over!)Afterward we came home for some celebratin'. Emily was lucky enough to pick this whistle thing at libby lu- Katy is summing our afternoon up in this photo.I love that my kids don't mind how many people help them blow their candles.
It was an awesome day, and I'm glad we got to do it with Emily before they closed. She had counted the days until she could go to Libby Lu- that's the benefit of an older sister. They can share their wisdom and experiences with the little ones. In fact, Sam really wanted a make over too and couldn't understand why his Daddy was freakin' out. Jeesh.

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Ronda said...

Blogger keeps eating my comments.

What I was saying was the makeover looks like a huge success!

And congratulations on liberating the pictures.