Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lew Lew the Wonder Dog

Sam is running around the house like a crazy man saying "Where are you lew lew the wonder dog?" Mind you- the dog is not missing- I think he's just in the back yard doing his business.
"I fink he heard a call and now hes fwying with his magic wonderdog powers" See that dog- when pigs fly I tell ya.
Then low and behold, Sam spotted Lewis in fact in the front yard. Damn magic dog somehow escaped our yard. Fortunatly, he's too overweight to run far, he was just sitting in the neighbors yard staring at our house. Two small kids and one beggin strip and he came right home.
Super powers? Maybe. Or possibly just an open gate. I guess I'll have to drag my lazy self outside to see. Have a happy day.

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