Thursday, March 15, 2012

Teetering on obsession

So, we have decided not to go to the happiest place on earth this month.  Which is a relief to me.  With all this craziness that is our lives swirling around us, I'm just not prepared to be that happy in less than two weeks- if you know what I'm sayin.

Even if we did manage to get our selves put together enough to make that kind of a vacation a reality in the next 9 days, I know I would not enjoy one single ounce of it because I would be a basket case worrying about something happening with Dan's parents back here.  So we are going to postpone Orlando- and instead we are going to sneak away for a couple quiet days a few hours from our home.

We've discussed big cities, quiet wooded areas, indoor water park hotels, familiar places, not so familiar places.  Google has been my friend.

I thought I had found it.  It looked perfect on the tiny screen above my keyboard, no more than 6 hours in driving time, lots and lots of fun stuff to do plus I have always been intrigued.  And then it happened.  Somehow I got to a customer review page and right there in front of my face was my worst night mare.

Bed Bugs.

This lady claims she found them there.  At this beautiful resort type place that I was already in love with.

Which got me to worrying about going anywhere.  Did you know that there are bed bug tracking sites?  There are.  Tons of them.  Some track apartments. Some track just hotels.  Let me tell you- folks are finding them in hotels.  They see them on the sheets, the walls, under the mattress, and some just 'wake up' in the night with them on their legs.  They talk of bringing them home in their luggage and clothes.  And these are not low life, bad area of town places.  They are the upscale ones too.  They are the middle of the road, the kind of nice, the 'sale' hotels as well.  I'm dying.  I am terrified, absolutely terrified of two things- lice and bed bugs.

Thanks to one of my glorious children, I have experieced lice.  And they were every bit the party I thought they would be. And here, at least a whole year later, I still check their heads every day.  And my head itches non stop (and now yours is too)- and has for over a year.  And there are still stuffed animals and blankets tied up in trash bags in my attic for fear that one 'might' still be alive in there. They almost killed me.  I'm not joking.

But bed bugs?  Dude- I'm not sure I could live through it.  And the thought of looking at the underneath side of a hotel mattress?  That creeps me out almost as much.  I can not stand the thought of tiny bugs in our beds.  I check the seams of our mattresses constantly.  I'm not sure what I'm looking for- but I totally look.  As I kiss the kids goodnight, I pull back their sheet and mattress pads and I look. 

I'm not sure I'm strong enough, tired enough or excited enough to try and make this work.  Perhaps camping would be a better choice for us?  At least I wouldn't have the check the plastic air mattresses.


Anji said...

I just googled to see what they looked like - don't look! Wikipedia says "At a point in the early 1940s they were mostly eradicated in the developed world but since 1995 have recently increased in prevalence" Is it because we are careless, or are they super bed bugs?

We had a report on French TV, seems like they are on their way back again here. They train dogs to sniff them out. they smell like over-ripe raspberries.

I hope you find somewhere good to go for a break, despite your worries.

Mynde said...

My suspician is that we have gotten dirty and lazy in general which has let these nasty little things spread. And I'm with you- they are GROSS looking! (I am still just shocked that you live in FRANCE! Do you eat fancy danish and chocolate for every meal : )