Friday, March 30, 2012

I thought I was gonna die

(I can't get my comments to work now- but thank you Miss Penny for your kind words- I love you.  And Amy, your comments are always so sweet, thank you.  I am sorry that you have experienced the loss of your dad, me too, 11 years ago.  So hard.  By the way, I think people say "I'm Sorry" because "Wow- that totally sucks big giant fat rotten eggs" is culturally unacceptable : ) (Oh- and just my opinion, you should never feel guilty about a little rest time, you deserve it- and need it.) (And I would totally buy your frog eggs if we were closer).

Over 6 hours ago I began working on the childrens rooms.  With the children of course.  Until Emily and Allyson were in such a huff that I threatened to stuff them both into the toy box- then they took turns because working together was too much.

Sam and I started his room a few days ago.  And by a few days, I mean two weeks ago.  We dumped his closet and toybox in the middle of the floor and basically abandoned it.  Today I couldn't take it anymore. 

It seems as though the kids have stuff oozing out of everything.  Every box, bag, cubby, drawer, closet and bed has stuff falling out all over the place.  And in front of all the shelves full of stuff?  Piles of stuff.  Enough stuff!

Time for a clean out!  And that is what we did.  Do you realize what kind of work it is to put every single piece of every single game, puzzle, toy, set back with all it's other counter parts?  To decifer what each little round, long, short, thing is and what it goes to?  To pick countless squinkies out of every single corner of every single closet, drawer, toybox, closet?  P A I N F U L!

But it is finished. They sorted, made piles of stuff to get rid of, sorted out shoes that are too little, put parts back together, and filled two entire trashbags with broken stuff and just plain trash.
 I know their room is very..........colorful............but it is their design and I'm okay with it.  Especially now that the sheets are clean, floors swept, crevices free of debris and toys organized. 
 Sam's room became the place for the garage sale stuff to land.  But otherwise it is tidy and organized.  He doesn't even have 27 trucks parked all along every single wall and piece of furniture anymore.  Not decorators showcase- but perfectly fine by me.
In case you are wondering, these are the stuffed animals emily whittled her sleeping 'musts' down to.  Yes, there were more.  An enitre trash bag.  She didn't get rid of them, mind you.  Heavens no.  She just moved that trash bag full upstairs to the toy room.  If you have EVER bought emily a stuffed animal, she still has it.  And probably sleeps with it from time to time.  I'll never understand her obsession with them.  However, I am more accepting of it now.  While on vacation she was upset over something and crying.  She said "The only thing that ever makes me feel better is you (me that is), Rosie and my stuffed animals".  A more pure love there has never been.

The rest of my house is a disaster zone, but these two rooms are good to go.  At least for 10 minutes before the kids wreck them again.

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