Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The keeper of the ducks

Dear school office ladies,

The kids have been telling me about this super fun program you have going at the school.  Kids caught acting with good behavior are rewarded with a slip for a chance to have their names drawn at the end of the day to win the coveted rubber duck.  Genius.  Not only are you encouraging good behavior and a reward for doing so- they are learning life skill of understanding and patience as they wait to see if their name gets drawn.

Day. after day. after day. after mother lovin' day.

See- some kids have been earning these slips on a very regular basis.  All year long.  Almost every week.  Perhaps more than one per week.  And yet- no duck.  Slip in, drum roll please, no name called.  Better luck next time.

This week- Sam has earned not one but two of these slips. He's not one to hold a lot of esteem in your rubber duck prize, but he did have a shining proud moment as he showed it to me after school.  Today- when you drew his name FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK, he gave it to a buddy who was devastated he didn't win.  I say score one for Sam for having some sympathy for a friend.  Go Sam.

Meanwhile- my other child in your school- she's one of the slip(s) a week club.  Yet her name has never been drawn.  Ever.  And don't think she hasn't noticed- she was about to come unglued when you called her little brothers name for the SECOND time this week- which is totally not fair in second grade rules by the way.

So my question today is this- who do I have to bribe to pull the 'right' slip next time, if you catch my drift?  I've been reading your wish lists, your want list, your please can you give us some lists.  I can make your hand sanitizer dreams come true.  I can fulfill your wildest Kleenex dreams.  I can make your necessity for post it notes a thing of the past.  If you can just, PLEASE, call that child's name.

Yeah Yeah I know that it teaches her nothing about the luck of the draw, being a good looser, blah blah blah.  But really, I would just love to see her win the damn duck.

Hook a sister up, would ya.

Your favorite 'guess who brought in homemade muffins for the staff' mother


The Smiling Mommy said...

Superbly written!! I'm rootin for her name to be called, and she gets the rubber duck!!! Good luck!

Smiles!! Amy

Mynde said...

I so appreciate your kind comments!!!! Thank you so much.

Oh- and just for the record- still no duck. But I did see them on the secretaries desk taunting me like the evil little things they are.